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Car Insurance Discounts That Will Lower Your Premiums

If you are tired of paying too much for car insurance, it is time to review your insurance policy and all of your options to see if you are receiving of all of the car insurance discounts that you qualify for. Because the insurance industry is such a competitive one, new insurance discounts are introduced by leaders in the industry on a regular basis. If you have never taken the time to learn about car insurance discounts in the past, read about some of the discounts you are entitled to receive that will save you money and keep your premiums low. Multi-Car Discounts for Couples

If you live with your partner, you may be able to save money off of your insurance by combining your vehicles and taking advantage of the multi-car discount. Bundling your insurance can save you as much as 30% off of each vehicle, which is a sizable savings that will lower your auto insurance quotes dramatically.

Good Student Discounts

If you are a full-time student and you are under the age of 25, you may be able to save up to 20% on your auto insurance by getting good grades. Statistics show that students who earn good grades are more responsible on the road, so take time to make the Dean’s List and save money in the process.

Anti-theft Device Discounts

Reducing the likelihood of filing a claim can reduce your premiums. If you are planning on carrying comprehensive insurance, you can lower your premiums by equipping your vehicle with an active or passive vehicle alarm. Active alarms, which will cutoff the ignition when activated, offer larger discounts than passive systems.

Good Driver Discount

Do you currently qualify for a Good Driver or Accident-free discount? Typically, drivers who have been licensed for 3 or more years can qualify for an Accident-free discount if they are not involved in an at-fault accident for 36 months. Good Driver discount qualifications are generally more lenient, and you may be able to qualify for the discount with just one minor moving violation.

Driving Experience Credits

When you are requesting car insurance quotes, it is very important to provide all of your prior driver history to the insurer to ensure you get experience discounts. If you have been licensed in another state, prior to the one you are licensed in now, you should provide your previous license number to qualify for experience credits. Failing to provide this information to the insurance company will cheat you out of credits that you deserve.

These are just some of the many discounts that the leading insurance companies will offer you to keep your premiums low. With the right discounts, you can lower your premiums without compromising the level of protection you have on the road. Do not lower the coverage limits you are carrying or raise your deductibles just to keep your premiums low and be resourceful. By asking about discounts and taking advantage of those that you are eligible for, you can get the savings you are entitled to.

Direct Auto Insurance Discounts

The company is popular not only for its Virtual Coverage Assistant feature, but also for its generous discount options. There are discounts for every insurance type it provides, allowing you to purchase even many types of coverage, but you can still save good amount of money. Especially for drivers, Direct Car Insurance offers some options including senior citizen discount, military discount, safe driver discount, and good student discount. Moreover, there are also multi-car and mileage discounts.

Senior Citizen Discount : To be eligible, Direct General Insurance requires you to successfully complete a course of motor vehicle accident prevention. It allows you to save up to 5% of your total premium rate.

Military Discount : From all drivers’ discounts available from Direct Auto Insurance, this particular option offers the biggest saving. Especially for active military personnel, they can save up to 25% of auto insurance. A copy of the current orders is required to be eligible.

Safe Driver Discount : Being a good driver is always a good idea. Direct General Auto Insurance offers 10% saving, if you are a policyholder for 36 months and have been accident/violation free during that period.

Good Student Discount : For full-time students who are still unmarried, Direct Car Insurance provides a chance to save up to 10%, but you need to get B average. Honor students and those who rank among the upper 20% of the class also deserve this discount.

Apart from those good offers, Direct Auto Insurance actually has more discounts including multi-car and mileage. Multi-car discount applies when you have two or more cars covered under the same policy written by the company. If your family owns multiple cars, it is always a good idea to ask for such discount. The maximum saving is 25%, which is quite a lot especially if you purchase optional coverage as well. The mileage discount allows you to save up to 5%, but your car needs to travel under certain limit of distance on annual basis. Please visit local Direct General Auto Insurance store or visit its official website to learn more about the eligibility requirement.

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